At The Music Shoppe, we service just about everything we sell—from guitars, basses, mandolins, violins, and banjos to amplifiers and pianos.
Most repairs can be done the next day, and we always give free estimates.

Guitars and Other Stringed Instruments

We offer a complete range of services for your stringed instrument—from a simple string change and intonation setup all the way to complicated repairs such as bowed or fractured necks.


We can take care of any amplifier repair or modification. We can retube your amp or change speakers to improve your tone or fix an amplifier that just doesn't work. Tube or solid-state, we do it all at The Music Shoppe.

Other Repairs

At The Music Shoppe, we can service nearly everything. Just give us a call at (513) 367-0090 if you have questions.

Repair Prices

1. Acoustic and Electric Guitar Basic Setup
A) Re-String Guitar$24.99 + Strings
2. Acoustic and Electric Guitar Premium Setup
A) Re-String Guitar
B) Clean and Condition Fingerboard
C) Polish Frets
D) Adjust Truss Rod (Neck)
E) Check Tuners
F) Clean Entire Guitar
G) Set Harmonics (Electric Guitar)
I) Set Action (Electric Guitar)
J) Adjust Pickups (Electric Guitar)$49.99 + Strings
Guitars With Floyd Rose-Style Tremolo$79.99 + Strings
3. Classical Guitar Basic Setup
A) Restring Guitar$34.99 + Strings
Classical Premium Setup
(Same Work As Acoustic Guitar)$49.99 + Strings
4. 12-String Guitar Basic Setup
A) Restring$34.99 + Strings
5. Banjo Basic Setup
A) Restring$24.99 + Strings
6. Violin Basic Setup
A) Restring$49.99 + Strings
7. Install PickupStarting out at $35.00 + Pickup
8. Truss Rod Adjustment (Neck)$10.00
9. Single Drumhead Replacement$19.99 + Head
Top and Bottom Replacement$29.99 + Head

These Are Just A few of the Many Things

We can do for your instrument.

If you don't see the repair you need on this list give us a call at (513) 367-0090 and we would be happy to give you a free estimate for repair on your Instrument.

The Music Shoppe Sales and Learning Center
The Music Shoppe Sales and Learning Center